Friday, September 11, 2009

Personal Feelings-Restraint

     The clock clicked and curved continually in back of my classroom. The teacher in the front arched her back, silhouetted against the gloom and doom dawn sky. As I lay face downwards on the table, a strange feeling came about, why am I myself? Why can I feel myself rather than others, that is, What am I? I keep wondering. As the old saying goes “Man is not born to solve the problems of the universe, but to find out what he has to do; and to restrain himself within the limits of his comprehension.” I didn't agree with the latter sentence, indeed it rendered me to think it a poor consolation. On the contrary, I found it calming to unfold an unaware life question. However, under recent circumstances, we were extremely restrained by all kinds of external factors and our internal thinking was lost to time.

     Like us, there are a diversity of substances which were restricted in its variations or actions. When a massive bob, suspended from a pivot without friction, is released in a simple gravity pendulum experiment, it will swing back and forth at a constant amplitude whose period will be restrained by its line. When forward chemical processes proceed at the same rate as their reserve reaction, which is called chemical equilibrium, it is due to the force of constraints such as concentration, temperature and pressure. The only way to unshackle was obviously to break its restraint. Changing temperature in order to destroy the equilibrium or stretching cords to slow down its period. I didn't come into existence to be mentally repressed by either parents or teacher, instead, this is my epoch to create.

     Although the same question has continually revolved around in my mind, I assure those who restrain their desires for philosophical thinking, they need but unfetter their mind and new vistas will dawn before their eyes.

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