Friday, September 4, 2009


      A few weeks ago, I was just like you, an ordinary high-school nobody, coasting through a pedestrian existence until I met him, a 1976 Chevrolet Camaro, and my world was changed forever.Some two weeks previously, I, Samuel James Witwicky, received my  first car from Dad. It was a dilapidated-looking roadster but was quiet beautiful and in fact a super-cheap one. To my shock, it had been stolen that night unexpectedly. I was thinking about four thousand dollars that just drove off, and being forced to get it back. While my reluctant tracking paid off, I reached a rural factory, and made a groundbreaking discovery. I thought it was probably the greatest discovery in the history of mankind that there were aliens among us. I saw my car transform into a robot and it seemed that it was communicating with something out in space. 


      Then I got arrested by the police, who mistook me for a car-thief, after my call to 911. While I attempted to explain what had happened, the  officer just vacantly assumed I was on drugs. Mojo abuse? What? Those are my dog's pain pills! When I finally got back home on the following day, I saw my car return itself, he has been stalking me! Initially, I thought it was the Satan's Camaro coming for me, and the only thing I could do then was to escape. I quickly slipped away with my grandma's bike. Fortunately, I bumped into a cop once again, but while I tried hard to ask for assistance, the squad car he was driving just transformed to a giant robot. It interrogated me, “Are you username LadiesMan 217? Where is eBay item 21153? Where are the glasses?” using such eerie screechy  violin voice. Misfortunes never come singly. I fled again, and ran into another person, my crush Mikaela. Suddenly, my Camaro arrived on the scene, opening the front door which made me feel like he wanted us in. In other words, was he now a missioned angel that endeavored to save us? I avoided this complicated subject and just rushed into the driver's seat as well as pulling Mikaela in next to me. Here came The Fast and the Furious.

      In the process, my car drove automatically and had done many thrilling maneuvers in order to ditch the monster. Eventually, we reached an old factory in a sparsely populated place in which they began their battle, rendering us terrified by seeing giant droid fighting. Afterward the cop-robot sent a creepy robot to attack me, giving rise to my taking off my jeans so as to escape for the third time. Fortunately, Mikaela was not the aim, and she found a power saw to sever its head. Looking back to the robot death match, the remaining of the two was my Camaro in transformed state. Here came a question, who was he? “Definitely Japanese, only they can produce such a super-advanced robot.” I thought. And I recollected hearing the cop's talking about my eBay page, so I used English to ask him, because I was deficient in robot language. The answer arrived from his build-in radio, I speculated, but the words weren't enough to unshackle me from my confusion. He transformed back to a car and opened the front door, asking in reply “Any more questions you want to ask?” The final answers seemed to be the destination, but where? I strangely cherish a strong feeling of high adventure and guts, perhaps I'll feel infinite regret fifty years from now if I don't get in the car. Then, I sat in the front seat with Mkaela.


      We drove through the night at a peaceful speed, and stopped on a deserted street. Four brand-new cars, including a semi-truck, an ambulance, a jeep and a sport car as well, arrived here and transformed. I finally realized they were autonomous robotic organisms from the planet Cybertron because of one's explanation. They're Optimus Prime, Jazz, Ironhide, Ratchet and my car Bumblebee, which are called Autobots for short. Though Bumblebee was a distantly unknowable creature to me, he really gave me a powerful hand in chasing after a gorgeous girl, Mikaela. 


       Despite forming a strong attachment to her for a long time, she first became acquainted with me by my driving her home shortly after I bought the Camaro. The car duly played some love music, that is to say, he was trying to render the atmosphere romantic, revealing my affection towards her. Right after the successful acquaintance, we were both sucked into the robot war, and my guardian-car Camaro, also known as Bumblebee, significantly served the purpose of escorting me. As he drove automatically, Mikaela had no alternative but to squat down uncomfortably   in the only space between the two front seats. Here came my opportunity to ask her whether she would like to sit in my lap. Perhaps she wanted to change her position as arising in all probability from the influence of discomfort. The answer arrived in only one word – why? This was a real toughie obviously directed at me because she knew it was just my petty pick-up line and the you-will-be-more-comfortable saying definitely won't work in nine cases out of ten. So I said I had the only seat belt from a safely-first perspective, trying to guard myself from her suspicions of my impertinence. Undoubtedly, she was yielding to my request as she had begun moving on my lap and said some ironic praise for my clever, smooth move. Bumblebee was over calculated to please in general. Oh, I love my car! But my life has been put in jeopardy since his appearance.

      The reason why Optimus Prime has had to come is that he must find the All Spark before Megatron, the leader of the Decepticons, who betrayed the empire, Cyberton, once a powerful but placid and just realm. All  resistance to Megatron was destroyed, giving me likewise a thrill of horror. The All Spark was a cube filled with extreme power, great enough to consume a star which was the fate of Cybertron. Megatron used it for evil, engrossing himself in holding the imperium of all stars and worlds, desiring to command over the galaxy. And so began the war. Fortunately, the war between Decepticons and Autobots has resulted in the loss of the Cube that eventually was buried deep in our planet Earth. No sooner has it reached to Earth, than Megatron followed it but finally crashed-landed before he could retrieve the Cube. While my grandfather Captain Witwicly found him, he accidentally activated his navigation system that imprinted the location of the Cube on his glasses, which are still for sale on my eBay page. Ratchet said that if the Decepticons found it, they will use its power to transform Earth's machines and build a new army, and the human race will be extinguished. There is a fine old saying that commonly exists throughout the world, “Keep your breath to cool your porridge.” I turned a deaf ear to the lines and managed to meet the challenge. I just heard the bell of war ring out.

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