Friday, October 2, 2009

I can still recall, that day in winter.

      It's just a matter of time before I can forget her and my regret over not being intrepid to talk to her, she

black half-moon earrings are shining underneath her long, extraordinarily smooth black hair, much darker than obsidian

who with perfect symmetry in her form now only remains in my reverie. While I've been occupied in writing this article, time will definitely be unable to destroy my beautiful memories. I've sometimes heard that “it is better to know as little as possible of defects of the person with whom you are to pass your life,” but this feeling will never happen to us. But I doubt not that even if I never meet her again, I will not stop searching for her. Though I certainly am not acquainted with her and have yet to encountered her once again, I still keep on falling in love with her as well as still recalling our winter day.

The place where this story became a full-fledged catastrophe is in Djakarta, the capital of Indonesia, in the winter of 2007. It was the end of our trip to that amazing country, the bright blue sky made my eyes sparkle, that tied our fates together. I was in the plaza enjoying the charming air, which consisted Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Guggi fragrances, with my sister who forced me to accompany her to go window shopping. Finally, because of the increasing ache in my legs, I requested to have a brief pause in the nearest store, Mickey Mouse House. While I was directing my steps towards the house, two worlds collided. I met her. I was thirteen and so apparently was she.

 I dare say she is the most beautiful creature I ever beheld, and I can not conceive an angel more beautiful

Once she appeared in my sight, all the ladies I've seen since I was born lost their relative beauty by a wide margin. But I was just too stupid then.

Playing with Rubik's Cubes is fantastic and cool in Taiwan, but I received no considerable attention or interest from her. I did not know any of their culture, language or the exact manner to become acquainted with her. I had no notion of how to do a very gallant thing. Although she seemed easy and unaffected, I kept concealing my affection by playing with the apparently boring Rubik's Cube until in the end, she left the store without a glance at me. I felt like a loveless savage being spurned by a civilized person. Her smiles are lost to time. Even so, I still able to see those black, half-moon earrings shining in my mind as well as still recall that day in winter.

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