Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Poor

            The birth rate has always been high in the underdeveloped country, resulting in escalating population and congested residential area. On top of that, with the government and corporation's provision for health care, infant mortality and death caused by disease has declined over years. Consequently, population has continued to spiral out of control, and this alarming trend shows no signs of abating. However, critical food shortage combined with a growing food requirement by individual nation has led to a race to grasp resources through whatever means necessary, including riots, wars and uprisings. These altogether has brought about poverty and a vicious cycle.
            Unfortunately, it is poverty that makes a family keep bearing more children to create more human labor. Lack of labor will only lead to greater poverty. Also, organization like WTO aims to eliminate customs duties and create a fair market, but it's impossible for a poor nation to take any advantage of the free market. On the contrary, they are forced to open their own market, and the gap between the poorest and the richest groups of people have and will widen in the foreseeable future.