Friday, April 3, 2009

Saw V

aaaa ‘I want to play a game!’ Combining the double blood and art, much more storyline, and the biggest adventure you have ever seen, Saw 5 is going to challenge humanity again. If you could govern your intimate mind, calm down and figure out the clues, then you could survive, if not get away, from the game. Just remember, ‘live or die, make your choice’.

aaaaThe Saw series are bloody movies talking about how actors or actresses managed to survive under Puzzle Amok’s artistic traps. Through the gins, actors had no alternative but to kill each other, including sawing others’ heads to find the keys, passing through the sharp gory mesh, all the unthinkable and unbelievable ways of killing have appeared, unprecedented. Likewise, Saw 5 put this spirit up to the highest, and its game was magnificent as well: Scrunching fingers to stop
a hook ripping open your abdomen. Using a saw to rip your arm from fingers to elbow in order to collect blood, stopping the bomb.

aaaaNow, fans of the Saw series are expected to see the sixth episode on the silver screen, anticipating what the traps will be like. The movie is due for release on October 23, around Halloween. I hope it will be much bloody than ever – but only time will tell if the director is as sharp as a razor.

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