Friday, February 13, 2009

The Heaven Sword and The Dragon Saber

  In China during the early 1200’s, foreigners attacked  the Song Dynasty, damaging many       castles such as Hsang Yang, the most important fortress. Although the ruler of Hsang Yang, Kuo Ching, was good at kung fu and was intelligent, he eventually lost. How unfortunate it was that the ruler’s kung fu was going to be lost forever. Therefore he employed craftsmen to build   a sword and a saber, then wrote down secrets of high-level kung fu and hid them inside the sword and saber. They are now called The Heaven Sword and The Dragon Saber.

    As time went by, the secret in the sword and saber were forgotten by the people, remaining a legend throughout the world that kept the weapons’ value until the time of Yu Dai Yen. Yu Dai Yen, the third master of the Wudang Seven, found the dragon saber. However, he was pinched by someone several days later, it gave him a mental breakdown and he became a disabled person. His younger brother Chang Tsui Shan met Yin Su Su while pursuing the murderer’s path. They fell in love. Meanwhile, Yin Su Su gave birth to a healthy baby boy, Chang Wu Chi. It’s was incredible that Chang Wu Chi became the leader of  the Ming gang when he was only 22 years old.

    Chang Wu Chi was not only a legend for his kungfu, he was also probably the most chivalrous person of all time. His godfather, Hsieh Hsun, the blond lion, killed quite a few good people in order to get revenge for the murder of his family by putting the blame on his foe. But the murders got out, and he eventually was arrested by the Shoalin monks, and waited to die. Chang Wu Chi couldn’t stand watching it happen, and he knew that Hsieh Hsun didn’t mean to do that, so he took some steps to rescue him. However, Hsieh Hsun told him that he would like to face the music. In consequence, he let his internal kung fu go countercurrent to killing himself after the revenge. It reminded me the only thing constant in life is change.

A love story, whether sweet or acerbic, is always complicated in fiction or reality. There were four girls in Chang Wu Chi’s heart who remained important until an event that changed their standing. With the sun upon the Han River, Chang Wu Chi was boating with his god-grandfather. During lunch, Chang Wu Chi had to depend on someone who was careful and patient to feed him because he couldn't move a finger after the Hsuan Ming poison he was given when he was five years old. Chou Chih Je was then his benefactor.

  Through Chang Wu Chi’s finding recover path, there was a Dr.Hu, who was well-known of his incredible curative skills, that help Chang Wu Chi extend his life, although it was still far from absolutely heal. It’s extremely hard to cure Hsuan Ming poison because it was too cold, medicine was useless, and it’s variation and level vary from assailant to assailant. Unfortunately, Dr. Hu met his enemy during his time with Chang Wu Chi. The enemy was called Golden Flower Grandmother, she came with hopes to revenge for her husband’s dead that happened by that Dr. Hu didn’t save him. A girl named Yin Li , who was taken care by Golden Flower Grandmother since her mother was dead, came too. When Golden Flower Grandmother killed Dr. Hu, Yin Li also wanted Chang Wu Chi to go back home with her in order to become her companion. Chang Wu Chi did not want that, so he bit Yin Li’s hand to flee. He did not know there was a love growing bigger and bigger just because a piece of bite.

--------TO BE CONTINUED (I had no inspiration)-------

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