Wednesday, April 15, 2009


aaaaIn the year 2012, doomsday, or the destruction of the world, will occur. According to Mayan predictions, our living Earth will have already passed the four Sun Epochs, and at the end of each epoch horrifying events will happen continually. The people of Earth will be destined to die at the end of the fifth Sun Epoch, in 2012.

aaaaAlong with these predictions, there is a science-fiction movie, Knowing, that talks about doomsday. John Koestler, an astronomer, found a paper with a large number of numerals written on it. It was written by a little girl who said someone invisible actually whispered the number to her, dating back to 1959. Through deep research, Koestler discovered something startling: the numbers accurately predicted every enormous disaster in the last 50 years, such as 9/11 and Southeast Asian tsunami. What's more amazing, it had a final number, which meant doomsday!

aaaaKoestler tried to avoid the tragedy, communicating with the government in order to save the world. But no one believed him except for the number-writer's daughter, Diana Wayland. Her daughter, Abby, was also confused by invisible people, saying that she had to go with them or she would be killed. John and Diana work together, here to stay. However, a huge solar wind destroyed the Earth from the North Pole to the South Pole, and no people were left on the Earth. Fortunately, John's son and Abby were taken out of the Earth's atmosphere by aliens, who succeeded in saving their lives so as to rescue humanity.

aaaaBut what we should actually seriously care about is global warming caused by greenhouse gases. CO, CO2, CH4, and even N2O, generated by firing biomass fuel- something we thought could surely reduce dangerous global warming- can ruin our environment. Although we are under pressure from the global economy's negative turn, we should try not to discharge greenhouse gases and use less disposable things.

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