Saturday, April 7, 2012

Everyone can be successful at work if they work hard.


These days it is common for people to claim that some people are failures because they didn’t try hard enough. This is because it is believed that it is possible for everyone to be successful if they just work hard enough. This is a dangerous idea because if it is true, then is also means that unsuccessful people didn’t try hard enough. This essay will examine whether or not it actually is possible for everyone to be successful.

First of all, it cannot be denied that many successful people today are successful even though they didn’t complete college. Bill Gates and Steve Jobs dropping out from school is a case in point. As a result, some may contradict the value of hard work. They say the reason why some people achieve good results could be attributed to their intelligence instead of working hard. In other words, it is said that the more intelligent one is, the more one is likely to succeed. Take Bill Gates for instance again, he has an intelligence quotient of 160. But it is only partially true. What people don’t realize is that when his business was just taking off, he worked, ate and slept in his office continuously. Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration, quoting from Thomas Edison. I believe that if you are intelligent, and know how to apply your intelligence by adding hard work to it, you can achieve anything.

Another problem is that people tend to think that rich people have more opportunities to succeed regardless of how much effort been made. They say children of rich families have private tutors, and access to better schools and a more supportive home environment. In this case, you may even ask me if Bill Gates came from a well-off family. He does. But that is one out of a million cases. Studies show that people who are poor have greater will to fulfill their dreams, whereas the rich display more laziness, arrogance and a greater tendency to rest on their laurels, all of which combine lead to their failure. There is a saying in Chinese, fortune last nor more than three generations. Also, children of entrepreneurs are more likely to start their own business.

To sum up, you work hard, but may still fail to win. But if you don’t work hard, you’ll never make your dream come true.

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