Saturday, March 31, 2012

Parents versus Teachers

Good parents are by far more important to a child's development than good teachers. Teachers come and go fleetingly, having only passing influence on children. Parents, on the other hand, are stable and steady. Education comes about everywhere. But it is parents that the foundation of learning relies on.

We come into the world without possessions but only the love of parents. I believe that no matter what happens, parents always act kindly towards children. Because of natural ties of blood, parents often sacrifice themselves for their children, grudging nothing for them. From day to day, we can often see a father holding his kid's hands walking along the sidewalk, or a mother feeding her baby. From my own experience, even a prudently frugal mother would buy her child daily necessities of a tiptop quality and spend with immoderation. On the contrary, teachers are only people of some importance that we invariably have to meet. Normally, teachers just don't form such close connections with children. If a child is labeled a bad student, teachers usually give up on them, or sometimes, they're just hardly serious enough education and treating each of the students.

No other people spend more time on looking after children than their parents. They protect and advise them in every possible way. Parents are worried about their children all the time, making every effort to follow their latest status and to keep track of their welfare whether they are at home or at school, or any other place you name it. Teachers just won't constantly keep company with children either throughout the course of the day or through their path of youth. They have their own kids and personal matters to be worried and concerned about. Parents instill knowledge, teach manners and share values of life in the very first place. Consider that children come into existence resembling a blank sheet or a clean sponge, they learn and absorb things the fastest and most profound as a baby. Teachers are only people who interpret knowledge in books in rather explicit meanings. On top of that, a good mentor is hard to find and only appears once in a while.

It is parents that toil so hard to support their children who are relatively vulnerable both physically and mentally. Regarding teachers, other than teaching stuff from books, their main concern is not the overall well-being of their students.

I have two affable and respectable parents. They set a good example for me to model myself on. Loving parents have contributed more to my acumen, happiness and health than decent teachers. Because of them, I'm not proud of what I am and what I have.

While a child goes through ups and downs, facing every adversity, parents have and will always be there for them.

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