Wednesday, June 10, 2009


    Surrounded by nothing but solitude, frustration and pressure, we are living under tragedy and heartbreaking things that constantly keep popping up in one's life which lead to mental breakdown and taking drugs to hallucinate in order to escape from gloom. What's the use of living if you cannot feel alive? Although we have had difficulty getting through our life, there's a strong incentive that will support us forever – hope, gold plated pipe dreams in particular. As a consequence, we all remained and felt alive, as well as having confidence to face further mishaps in the generations to come.

    But where can we find the so-called hopes in modern society? In my personal feeling, a vividly imagined world is a place where hope could be generated. For a movie geek like me, it is quite easy to have fantastically crazy goals, because of the story lines in all kinds of films. For instance, Tony Stark, the main character in Iron Man, was so intelligent that he created Iron Man to save the world, created a stir in the meantime. Most important thing in the real world is to create a large amount of money. Will I be “Iron Man” someday?

    Currently, though a lot of people are criticized for the consequences of lacking human value, they still turn on those who trust them. Eventually, it has torn relationships apart, them apart and me apart. But whatever happens, that's just a short period of time that we'll definitely meet in our life.

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