Friday, May 29, 2009

Personal Feeling-Temper

    Something terrible took place in our class two weeks ago, and it has turned the relationship of students and teachers on its head. One of my friends had a harsh physical conflict with our gym teacher. While student's lack of moral ground and bad attitude or teacher's vigor went beyond normal, they had a fight, as a result, all of the teachers won't instruct and be concerned about the class as hard as possible to avoid clashes. The domino effect will generate the decline of educational quality. Saying sorry was just a temporary escape from the worries of tensions, all we should do was find a way back into our original good tempers and habits.

    But how? Although we believe human nature is good, acquired learning and environment have more influence on us. In day-to-day frustration, reiterating learning, introspection and execution, we will eventually get some intelligence and the ability of having a good mood to face problems and collisions in the future. Endurance is also important in modern society, but differs from cowardice.

    Anything can start over, don't give up so easily before trying hard, and don't vent your anger on anybody.

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